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Tooth loss can cause severe oral health problems, including bone loss and gum recession. Of course, missing teeth can also cripple your confidence and leave you feeling awful about your appearance. Dentures are one of the most cost-effective and easy ways to restore your smile fast. The Zam Dental team, led by Melody Zamora, DMD, wants to help you smile again. Call either San Antonio, Texas, office location or book a consultation online any time.


Why is it so important to replace missing teeth?

There are a few reasons that replacing a missing tooth is absolutely vital. The hole created by a missing tooth allows space for your other teeth to drift. The more your surrounding teeth drift into the gap, the more bite problems you can develop.

Soon, you could have spaces between several of your teeth, along with a change in the way your teeth fit together. 

These teeth spacing changes can leave you more vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease, which means that one missing tooth can lead to multiple missing teeth if you don’t get the problem treated quickly.

Of course, the problem is greatly compounded when you have multiple missing teeth, and that’s where dentures can come in to help.  

Dentures are also a good option if you have no teeth at all. Wearing dentures can restore your appearance, as well as protecting against jawbone loss. 

What are partial dentures?

A partial denture is a removable or fixed device that replaces a small group of missing teeth. A removable partial denture has a metal base with small attachments that connect with your healthy teeth. Because the metal attachments are very discreet, you can’t tell that partial dentures aren’t real teeth. 

A fixed partial denture is also known as a crown and bridge. The crowns fit over the adjacent healthy teeth, which requires some moderate tooth reshaping. Because they’re bonded onto your healthy teeth using dental cement, fixed dentures are quite sturdy and never need removal. Just as with removable partial dentures, fixed partial dentures look very realistic.

What are full dentures?

Full dentures are an economical and convenient option if you don’t have any teeth. Full dentures replace all teeth with prosthetics (pontics) set in a comfortable base that’s made for your specific gum contours. 

Full dentures stay in place through gum suction, and you may sometimes use a small amount of special denture adhesive for extra stability and security. Properly-fitted full dentures feel and look natural. 

You can chew your food, speak, and live your life like you want with full or partial dentures. The Zam Dental team is waiting to help, so book your consultation online or by phone today.