Dental Implants

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Dental specialists place more than 5 million dental implants a year. Many patients today favor dental implants over other tooth replacement options because they’re strong, natural-looking, and can last a lifetime. At Zam Dental, with two locations in San Antonio, Texas, the skilled dental providers led by Melody Zamora, DMD, work with local dental surgeons to provide custom-made dental implants and dental crowns. Get your restorations now by calling the office or using online scheduling.

Dental Implants

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are highly durable tooth replacements. A dental implant is made of biocompatible metal, usually either titanium or titanium alloys, with a prosthetic tooth attached. Zam Dental uses cutting-edge tech to create a blueprint for your new crown so the dental lab can make a very natural-looking custom restoration.

What is the dental implant process like?

If you need tooth extractions to prepare for dental implants, the Zam Dental term performs the work on-site. Next, you see a dental specialist, usually a prosthodontist, who performs the implant placement surgery. Once the implant is placed in your jawbone, it integrates with the bone (osseointegration). 

The osseointegration process, which can take several months, means that the implant is extremely secure and unlikely to shift out of place. With osseointegration complete, you return to Zam Dental for your tooth restoration.

Your Zam Dental provider attaches an abutment, a connector piece that sits inside the dental implant, and then places the restoration. Usually, the restoration is a single crown but could also be a fixed bridge.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants are such a great tooth replacement option for multiple reasons. 


Perhaps the biggest benefit for patients is the longevity. A dental implant can last for the rest of your life. As long as you take care of your dental implant, the only real maintenance it might need is a restoration for the crown that tops it (usually, after a number of years). 


Another major benefit of dental implants is their stability. Dental implants are rock-solid because they’re snugly encased in your jawbone. This means you won’t worry about them moving or shifting. With dental implants, you can chew with absolute confidence, including even the sticky or chewy foods that might be too challenging for dentures. 

Maintaining bone

Dental implants stimulate your jawbone to regrow, and they prevent shrinkage in the future. With other tooth replacement options, including dentures, it’s normal to lose healthy jawbone tissue over time. By preserving your jaw, you also preserve your appearance. Without your full healthy jaw, you could eventually develop a sunken-faced appearance.

Dental implants are comfortable, natural-looking restorations that can give you the smile you deserve. Call Zam Dental or book your dental implant assessment using the online booking tool now.