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Completing San Antonio Smiles with Dental Crowns and Bridges

For decades, dentists across the country have relied on a crown and bridge as a permanent solution to tooth loss. Here in San Antonio, Dr. Melody Zamora has restored many smiles with this lifelike prosthetic. With a crown and bridge, you never have to worry about a partial denture that requires special cleaning or that may loosen when you’re eating or talking. Moreover, a dental crown can be used independently to restore a damaged tooth or in conjunction with a bridge to replace missing teeth. Whatever your smile needs, you can rely on San Antonio dentist Dr. Zamora to give you a crown and bridge that is comfortable and beautiful.

How do Dental Crowns Work?

You may have heard dental crowns referred to as dental caps. That’s because they encapsulate a tooth from the gum line up and they cover the entire chewing surface. In this way, a crown is able to restore both form and function to a tooth that is damaged by extensive decay, a deep crack or a fracture. Dr. Zamora may also use a dental crown in San Antonio to complete root canal therapy or as the finishing touch on a single tooth implant.

Dental crowns are placed over the course of two appointments. At the first, Dr. Zamora preps the tooth by removing any decay and reshaping the tooth to make room for the new crown. A temporary crown protects your tooth until the next appointment when the permanent crown is bonded into place.

How does a Dental Bridge Work?

True to its name, a dental bridge spans a space of missing teeth to complete your smile and restore your ability to chew a variety of foods. Moreover, eliminating tooth loss improves the overall health of your mouth. Just one missing tooth can lead to a number of other dental health problems. For example, the risk of decay in your remaining teeth increases with tooth loss. Similarly, a person with missing teeth is more likely to have gum disease. And because adjacent teeth keep one another in line, a missing tooth can cause others to shift in order to take up the vacant space.

Effective Tooth Replacement Options

Used together, a crown and bridge is a permanent replacement for missing teeth. This prosthetic can be used to fill in the gap for one or several teeth. Crafted as a single unit, the crowns a both ends are fitted over healthy teeth in order to secure the bridge of false teeth in place.

To care for your crown and bridge, brush and floss and use a special floss threader to remove debris and plaque from underneath the