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If you have a clicking, popping, or aching jaw, you might just have TMJ disorder. To find relief from these annoying symptoms, you should rely on your local dentist here at Zam Dental, Dr. Melody Zamora. You can count on the expert advice you need for help with sudden pain management as well as a long-term solution with occlusal splints/oral appliances.

But first, what is TMJ? How can a patient tell if he or she has it? Let’s take a closer look at TMJ disorder, it’s symptoms, and how Zam Dental can help you treat it.


What Is TMJ Disorder?

The TMJ, or the temporomandibular joint, is a critical piece to the structure of your head, neck, and jaw. It’s the hinge that attaches your lower jaw to the base of the skull. TMJ joints are made of a complex network of ligaments and nerves and because of this, you’ll definitely know when you have a disorder or dental issue. When the alignment is even a bit off center, the jaw will usually click, pop, and cause you dental pain when you open or close your mouth to speak and eat.

There are a few reasons why TMJ disorder may occur. It could begin because of problems with the alignment of your teeth. Or sometimes, it could stem from sudden facial trauma or injury, stress-related jaw clenching and teeth grinding, or even orthodontic issues.


What are the Symptoms of TMJ Disorder?

As mentioned above, you might possibly notice that you have TMJ disorder by an annoying popping or painful clicking each time you open your mouth. You may feel some discomfort in the jaw after speaking or even chewing your food.

There are some cases where patients report experiencing the sensation of lockjaw when they discover their TMJ disorder. Facial, neck, and ear pain can all be symptoms of TMJ disorder.

If you suspect that you have a problem with your jaw or your temporomandibular joints, do not hesitate to seek treatment. Relief from an aching jaw joint can easily be attained when you visit Dr. Zamora.


Get TMJ Treatment from Your Local Dentist

At Zam Dental, Dr. Zamora treats TMJ with oral appliances. This is a common, effective method that utilizes a small device that you insert into your mouth. It resembles the custom mouthguards that athletes typically wear.

Custom oral appliances work because they allow the muscles and ligaments in the TMJ to relax. This gives your joints relief from the pressure on the jaw and can relive your pain.

You shouldn’t have to deal with the painful symptoms of TMJ disorder. Feel free to call our office and let us take the pressure off of you—literally—with TMJ treatment. We can’t wait to help you relieve your dental pain and restore optimal oral health!

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