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Kayla, Registered Dental Assistant


Registered Dental Assistant

"I love working at Zam Dental because our patients and staff are treated like family and I'm always excited to come to work to see our staff and patients."

Adele, Dental Assitant


Registered Dental Assistant

"Zam Dental not only takes excellent care of patient's oral health but also are involved in overall health care. Every patient is a family. Also, I look forward to coming every day to Zam Dental where I am appreciated and celebrated."

Cynthia, Administrative Lead


Administrative Lead

"I like working at Zam Dental because we are family, not only with Dr. Zamora and my coworkers but with our patients. I enjoy being a part of making our patients happy with their smiles.and overall dental health."

Edna, Front Office


Front Office

"I love working at Zam Dental because we truly care about our patients and their oral health."

Gabby, Supply Coordinator


Supply Coordinator

"I like working for Zam Dental because it's a team effort. Dr. Zamora and her team are amazing."

Lauren, Financial and IT Operations


Financial and IT Operations

"At Zam Dental, we have a family bond with our team and patients. We care, respect, and build trust. We are resilient and go the extra mile to provide excellence. Our goal is to always create a lifelong relationship with each patient. This is why being a part of Zam Dental is an honor."

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