Your Dentist Provides the Lowdown on Mouthwash — Which One Is Best?

For many people, using mouthwash is part of the daily routine. After they brush and floss, they swish for 30 seconds to a minute, and they walk away feeling like they have a completely clean, completely kissable mouth. Other folks don’t use mouthwash at all and haven’t experienced any problems because of it. Therefore, a few questions arise: Is it necessary to use mouthwash, and which mouthwash is best? Your dentist is here to discuss these important issues.


The Two Main Types of Mouthwash

All mouthwashes can be broken down into one of two categories:

Whether you use a cosmetic mouthwash is entirely up to you. They can provide a fantastic confidence boost! Therapeutic mouthwashes are a different story. If your dentist recommends that you use one, it’s wise to listen to their advice. Even if your dentist doesn’t say anything, you still might consider using one as a way to give your smile an extra bit of protection.


Choosing the Right Mouthwash for You

There are so many mouthwashes in the oral hygiene aisle of your local supermarket that it can be a little overwhelming. Here is a quick guide to help you find the one that is perfect for you:

Mouthwash can be a valuable part of your daily routine, but only if you choose one that is right for your smile. We hope this quick guide has proven useful in your quest for better oral health.


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