What Are My Options for Teeth Whitening in San Antonio?

Do you want to impress others with your radiant smile? Beautiful teeth can turn heads wherever you go. Unfortunately, your pearly whites might not be as bright as you would like. Everyday wear and tear can gradually discolor them until they’re several shades short of ideal. If you want a smile that is as dazzling as the Texas sunshine, you might be thinking about teeth whitening in San Antonio. What are your options for obtaining a brighter smile?


Over the Counter Whitening Products

The whitening products that you buy at your local grocery store might seem attractive because they’re so affordable. However, you might end up squandering hundreds of dollars over time as you’re searching to find that perfect solution to give you the smile you’re after. In fact, the solution you’re looking for might not even be on the grocery store shelves.

Some of these products are moderately effective, but most of them just target surface stains. Any effect they have might be very short-lived. Furthermore, you may not even a notice a difference in the color of your teeth.

Most people who have chosen professional whitening methods find that they are vastly superior to anything you could buy over the counter.


In-Office Whitening

In-office teeth whitening in San Antonio combines a powerful bleaching solution with a specialized light. The process breaks down stains and can produce dramatic results. In fact, in just one visit to your dentist, your smile might become several shades brighter!

While it is true that in-office professional teeth whitening can cost quite a bit more than over the counter options, it is worth it. If you take care to maintain your new smile, the whitening can last for years. You won’t have to spend an endless amount of time comparing toothpastes, rinses, whitening strips, and other products at your local store.


Take-Home Professional Whitening

Your dentist in San Antonio might offer a professional take-home whitening system. It’ll have a strong bleaching solution that can brighten your smile in just a couple of weeks. Many people who have sensitive teeth have found that this method works best for them.


How to Decide What Is Best for You

The best way to determine which whitening method fits your circumstances is to talk to your dentist. They can discuss the pros and cons of professional whitening and give you tips on how to maintain your new, brighter smile.

Your dentist can also inform you about your payment options so you can figure out how to fit a dazzling set of pearly whites into your budget. However, if you decide that you cannot afford professional whitening at this time, dental care provider might be able to recommend the best over the counter product to fight stains.

Getting the smile of your dreams might be as simple as visiting your local dentist. Get ready to shine!


About the Author

Dr. Melody Zamora leads the team of professionals at Zam Dental. She is proud to provide cosmetic dentistry services that help patients attain the gorgeous teeth that they’ve always wanted. If you have questions about teeth whitening in San Antonio, reach out to Zam Dental at 210-494-2206.

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