Seeing Your Dentist in San Antonio? Here’s What To Expect!

If you’re heading to your dentist in San Antonio for the first time, you may be wondering what to expect. As you may know if you’ve seen different dentists over the years, no two are exactly alike! But one thing you can count on at Zam Dental is that the entire family will receive highly skilled, gentle and compassionate care at each and every visit. You won’t be treated like you’re a number the way you might at a “cookie cutter” dental practice.

In fact, Dr. Zamora Texas natives, sincerely want to create a long-term relationship with you! Having that history with your doctors has been somewhat lost in modern healthcare, but that’s exactly what you can expect from being a patient at Zam Dental. If you’d like to know more about what your first visit will include, keep reading as we explain the typical new patient experience.


The First Visit

When you first come in, you’ll be greeted by the staff and given your paperwork to fill out. You’ll also be able to help yourself to a beverage or watch TV in the waiting room if you’d like.

The doctors at Zam Dental want to make sure they’re giving you thorough, comprehensive dental care. To make sure they’re evaluating every aspect of your oral health, you’ll have all of the following at your initial visit:

Your dentist will make treatment recommendations based on your individual needs! They’ll take various factors into account like your lifestyle, age, diet and budget. Your treatment truly is a collaborative process.


What Sets Zam Dental Apart?

Here are just some of the things that the doctors at Zam Dental have done to provide you with the best dental experience possible:

Your oral health and comfort are the top priority at Zam Dental!


About the Author

Dr. Zamora is general, restorative and cosmetic dentists who have been awarded numerous times for their leadership and contributions to the field of dentistry and public health. Always staying abreast of the latest dental techniques, they offer a wide range of options for every treatment need, and continually strive help their patients understand their oral health. They can be reached for questions through their website, or at (210) 494-2206.

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